Before Selling Your Property To An Investor Cash Buyer: Understand The Terms That You Need To Know

We Buy Houses Fresno, CA - Some Investor Terms That You Need To Know
Eric Guy:
Hey, everyone. What’s going on? My name is Eric Guy. I’m the owner of Full House Estates in Fresno, California. I just wanted to hop on here and provide some clarity, hopefully, provide some value for people who may need to be selling their home in Fresno. And what I wanted to talk about are some keywords and key phrases that you see frequently in the investor space. So we as investors, use these words often and we just assume that people understand what we mean by them, but that’s not always the case.

So the first phrase I want to go over is as-is. We purchase homes as-is. What this means is that you do not have to make any renovations to the property. It doesn’t matter if the roof is caving in, it doesn’t matter if the house is going up in flames, it doesn’t matter if the plumbing’s messed up, the paint is chipping. We will make the purchase as-is and you can walk away from the property without a hitch. So you don’t have to worry about any renovations.

The second thing we often say is a CASH offer. Now I want to clarify this because my mentor told me a story of a deal he closed on. Once the young lady who he was purchasing from got to the closing table, she expected a briefcase full of cash. Although that would be nice, that’s not what we mean. A cash offer just means that we do not have to use conventional lending. Meaning we do not have to go through the banking system to get approved for a loan to purchase the property. Because of that, we can close on houses in seven days, sometimes less, but it’s a very quick process. You can have your cash in hand fairly quickly.

The last thing that I want to discuss is NO FEES and NO COMMISSIONS. So when you’re selling your house in a conventional way, you hire a realtor, you sign a contract with a realtor and the realtor is going to sell your property. Now, the realtor gets a commission from the sale of your property. That commission is usually 3 to 6% of whatever the sales price is. So if they list your house at $200,000, then at 6% commission, you would have to pay them $12,000 which cuts into your profit from selling your home in Fresno. So, that’s how that works.

When you’re working with an investor, you get the money that we say we’re going to pay you. If we negotiate and we agree on terms of $189,000, then that’s what you can expect to get from us at the closing table. There is no long-drawn-out process. When you list with the realtor sometimes your property will sit on the market for three to six months, sometimes even a year. Working with an investor, the process of selling your home can be really quick. It can be headache-free, really smooth, and really easy.

So I hope you got some value out of this. I hope some of this stuff made sense and there was a little bit of clarity in there. If you have any questions, you can text me, you can call me at 559-558-5888. Again, this is Eric and I am more than willing to answer any questions that you have. Definitely looking forward to speaking with you all I look forward to serving the community. All right, talk soon.

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